Many people think designing personalized banners is a piece of cake. That is simply not the case. Banners are prominent marketing signage, and poorly designed signs can do more harm than good. An example of this is trade show banners – so many fall short of their potential and don’t serve the client. A lack of cohesive messaging and not enough thought given to the people who will actually read these signs is a combination for failure.

This is why businesses across the city look to us for banners. An expert team doesn’t just print whatever you design – they help you perfect your design. Our team helps you create great banners that look professional to your customers. In this article, we’ll share some of our best tips with you, three simple steps to getting great vinyl banners in Uticakeep reading.

Step 1: Understanding the Reasons for the Importance of Custom Banners

Why are you interested in banners for your business? Will they be used for branding, marketing, advertising, or as trade show banners? Knowing the your answer to this question from the beginning will start you on the right path for great-looking signs. Knowing how, where, and for what purpose will empower you to design the right banners.

Step 2: How Do You Design Effective Vinyl Banners for you Business?

Whatever your purpose, these fundamental design cues are common across all personalized banners. Follow these, and you are certain to get eye-catching, exciting vinyl banners that help you generate leads.

  1. Location – Install banners at the most publicly visible place or somewhere with lots of foot traffic.
  2. Size – Bigger is better. The banner should be as large as space allows for maximum visibility.
  3. Font size – No small fonts allowed! Use large fonts so people can read text from far away.
  4. Font – Say ‘No’ to curvy fonts. Choose simple, sans serif fonts that are easy to read at a glance.
  5. Color choice – Different colors create different moods. Avoid dark colors unless it is a themed custom banner.
  6. Contrast – Ensure sufficient contrast between font and background colors for maximum legibility.
  7. Message – Keep it as short as possible and make sure calls-to-action are simple to follow.
  8. Logo – Definitely include your logo prominently on vinyl banners.
  9. Business name – Don’t forget to include the name of your business!
  10. Graphics – Use high-resolution graphics to make sure they don’t pixelate once they are printed.

Step 3: Where Do You Print the Best Vinyl Banners in Utica?

Looking for “banner printing near me”? What you should be searching for is an experienced printing partner in Utica. Quality printing and quality materials are apparent to potential customers even from far away. Besides, when a sign company delivers signs right to your doorstep, why be stuck to “banner printing near me” at all.

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is the go-to signage provider for businesses, stores, healthcare providers, and so many other organizations in the city. Our customers appreciate our responsiveness, affordable prices, and attention to detail. We partner with businesses and marketing companies to create all types of custom signage to support their marketing campaigns.

Talk to us to get a cost estimate and delivery timeline immediately.

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