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Creative Vinyl Car Wrap Strategies

There are few things for people to focus on when they are stuck in a traffic jam or are following behind a vehicle. Sure, drivers are concentrating on the road, but their eyes will flick to road signs, bumper stickers…and to your car wrap!

Vehicle wraps are one of the easiest ways of getting your brand in front of a local audience:

  • No need to pay a monthly rental fee for displaying the wrap.
  • No permit is required from the city for the wrap.
  • Car wraps in Utica can be installed in a matter of hours (size dependent).

With such great potential, you really need to put in the effort to design creative wraps. In this article, we are looking at some strategies for the best car vinyl wraps

Tips for Designing Creative Vinyl Car Wraps 

Most people don’t have experience designing wraps. Our team helps customers plan and create their designs before the wrap gets printed. We can help you get the messaging and placement just right.

Here are some tips for designing custom car wraps that catch people’s attention.

1.Use Bold Colors for Your Vinyl Car Wraps

A large wrap done in bold colors is one of the best ways of grabbing attention. Vibrant color will turn heads. Add geometric patterns to make your wrap visually interesting. Contrasting colors work really well, too (especially contrasting background and fonts).

What not to do: Think about what will draw the eye away from other hundreds of vehicles that look like yours. Stay away from typical vehicle colors like dark blue and grey. Don’t expect just your logo and phone number to be eye-catching.

2.Use the Business Name and Logo in the Design 

Definitely incorporate your branding in the vinyl car wrap design. Things like the logo, brand colors, and business name should be included creatively. That will make your branding more memorable and easier to recall. 

What not to do: Your company name and logo should be prominent enough to be seen from a distance. Don’t forget to include contact information like phone numbers or a way for them to find you on the internet or social media.

3. Keep Your Custom Car Wrap Messaging Short 

Keep your messaging quick and to the point. A wall of text is not going to make an impact. Stick to a tagline that highlights what service or product your business provides. Use a few images/graphics, but not too many.  You want your car wrap to be simple yet eye-catching.

What not to do: Too many images and too much text make the design ‘busy.’ Basically, it’s harder to read at a glance. You want your car wrap in Utica to be easily readable at speed and during shortstops. 

Best Shop for Car Wrapping & Decals in Utica

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is the best car vinyl wrapping shop. We make having your car wrapped as easy as possible for our customers. Our team creates designs, shows them to you, prepares the vinyl, and installs the wrap.

Talk to us about your car wrapping & decal needs. 

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