Custom LED Signs In Utica

Want a traditional neon sign with that retro look but don’t want to pay the maintenance costs and substantial electric bill? LED signs are the answer! Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions delivers customized signs with high-efficiency and low-energy LED bulbs that truly help your business stand out. LED signs are not just better for your business; they are better for the environment too!

LED backlighting is available for all types of signs, including channel letter storefront signsacrylic signs, and cabinet signs. Lighted signs are perfect for businesses that are open late at night, such as nightclubs, theatres, hotels, and restaurants.

Our LED signs can be customized to your requirements and give your frontage a fresh new look. As a full-service sign company in Utica, we build LED signs in all configurations and custom colors, styles, and animation options.

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High-Quality Indoor LED Signs

LED signs are also indoors as promotional, branding, and wayfinding signage. One of the most frequently used is the illuminated OPEN sign. Use them in the same way as exterior signs for advertising, especially if you want to highlight a certain area of your establishment, like your order/pickup stations or as exit signs. Signs are available with standard lettering and fonts or can be customized to your requirements.

Programmable LED Message Centers

Are you looking for a custom message board that can be updated with the right messages on-the-fly? Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions makes modern, customizable LED message center signs a reality. Our signs can be installed standalone, be attached to a storefront, pole, or monument sign. Our LED message centers have many advantages over standard neon or LED signs, the primary one being their easy functionality. Our team prepares software and trains you to manage sign programming, which lets you update your messaging quickly. We also offer various types of message centers, such as single-color units and full-color graphic displays.

Led Signs in Oriskany

Your Trusted Lighted Sign Company in Utica

As a leading local sign company, we are fully equipped to handle all aspects of LED signs:

When you commission a custom sign from Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, you are working with a quality visual marketing and sign partner. Our portfolio spans all types of business signage, such as lobby signs, storefront signs, ADA signage, trade show displaysvehicle wraps, indoor/outdoor banners, yard signs, and more.

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Maximize the marketing potential of your business with custom LED signs in Utica!

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All Types of LED Signs Available

Choose from a wide range of lighting styles for your signs. We build a wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED signs. 

Millions of colors – that’s the kind of variety you get with LEDs. Find the perfect shade to complement your branding. 

We take care of all aspects of installation, including electrical fittings. The experienced team at Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions can also help with city permits.

All Types of LED Signs Available

Benefit from high-quality lighted signs for your business. We work with all types of businesses, including:

Get Custom Neon Signs in Utica

Searching for “LED Signs near me” Don’t settle for dull lighted signs; dazzle your customers with our luminescent offerings. We’ll help you design eye-catching signs that attract customers. Benefit from working with an LED sign company that has helped hundreds of businesses stand out.

Take advantage of a fully-equipped fabrication shop for fully customized lighted signs. We offer everything from custom LED signboards to eye-catching channel letter signs. You can customize all aspects of the sign, including: 

Want the neon look but don’t want the huge electricity bills and maintenance costs? Get custom neon signs. Our breakthrough LED neon signs offer all the benefits of traditional Custom Neon Signs, with none of the drawbacks. 

Unlike other LED sign companies in Utica, we make sure signs stay within budget. You’ll work with a team member who will help you identify options for your signs that add value, not just cost.

Benefits of Getting LED Signage

Take your branding and marketing efforts to the next level with an LED sign system. Our customers love their signs because:

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LED signs work to promote your brand indoors and out, both day and night. These signs are bright, vivid, and noticeable from a distance so that your business can generate maximum attention. Even if your business isn’t open late, you can use LED signs to command attention for your brand so that people can return to do business with you during your operating hours. 

Proper maintenance is key to making any sign last. At Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, we include maintenance and repair as part of our complete process for sign-making. This helps to ensure that you get the most out of your signage so that it benefits your business for as long as possible. 

For almost every business, LED is the better option. True neon is more expensive than LED neon because it requires a fraction of the power. LED signs are known for their brightness and high visibility from long distances. This is key for businesses that are looking to get the most exposure both day and night. Contact us to learn more about how you can make the most of your LED neon signage. 

At Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, we’re happy to talk through your signage material options during our initial consultation. It’s during this stage of our process where we get to know the ins and outs of your company. When we understand your business and your needs, we can recommend the most effective signage and materials. 

With proper maintenance and repair, you can help protect the lifespan of your LED panel. At Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, maintenance and repair is part of our fulsome process for sign-making. We want to ensure that your signs not only look great but continue to perform well for the long term so that your business gets the most benefits.