Using generic signage for your business? You may be doing long-term harm to your ability to attract and secure customers. Bland signs don’t just make a business forgettable, they may encourage customers to turn elsewhere! Whataver industry your business is in, you need quality signage. And not just the “standard template” things you find at big box stores.

Whatever your business goals are, custom signs in Utica are vital to achieving those goals.. In this article, we look at a few different types of custom signs, where they are used, and their benefits to your business.

Why settle for standard signs? Custom signage starts at the same price!

Custom Signs Used in Different Industries

Customized signage makes an impact on your audience, whether you offer services, sell products, or run a franchise. 60% of millennial buyers (ages 24-40) prefer seeing a consistent brand presence. Investing in your own branded signs can make you more memorable and have more positive customer interactions.

  1. Custom Neon Signs

Looking to catch the attention of passers-by? Neon is one of the most recognizable forms of signage and one of the most effective. It’s why entertainment venues, restaurants, and nightclubs prefer custom neon signs. Best of all, modern technologies have made neon tubes much more cost-effective to operate than older models. However, LED signs offer many other design advantages.

Looking to make a professional impression or improve the ambiance of your premises? Nothing beats custom metal signs when it comes to offering an elegant appearance. Metallic signs are associated with permanence and build confidence.

Our metallic channel letter designs are especially popular for their unique lighting configurations. These are commonly found above office entrances and condominiums in Utica. As a full-service sign company, we provide custom metal sign solutions, ensuring high quality and a premium finish every time.

Custom yard signs are usually ordered in the tens or hundreds because they are inexpensive. They can be installed easily across a large area for maximum reach. Since the sign face is so small, the right messaging needs to be prioritized.

Vinyl banners are an essential marketing tool. From real estate open houses to product launches to event marketing – custom banners are the cornerstone of any effective marketing strategy. Banners are used regardless of industry too. Big box stores, law firms, hospitals, and marketing companies utilize banners on an ongoing basis.

There is a great deal of scope in personalizing banners. They can be cut to any size, any shape, be printed with any color, and graphic.

What Is the Best Shop for Custom Signs in Utica?

Businesses and professionals across the city trust Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions for custom signs in Utica. We have established a reputation for quality signage at affordable prices. Talk to us about your requirements and we will help you get started on your project today.

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