Post and panel signage has started to become very popular with professionals in Utica. Everyone, from real estate agents to lawyers to doctors, can use them to their advantage. 

Why? Because these signs suggest permanence and build trust with potential clients. Keep reading to find out what are post and panel signs for business and how you can get the most value out of them.

What are Post and Panel Signs?

Decorative post and panel signs are made of one or two supporting posts on top of which is mounted the sign itself (panel).

These signs are typically used outdoors, often being installed on lawns or front yards. Depending on the location of the sign, the sign face may be double-sided letting people see it from two directions. 

Signs can be made out of a variety of materials, including:

As such, these signs are very durable and can withstand Utica’s harsh winters and hot summers.

How You Can Use Post and Panel Signs

Custom post and panel signs are used across a wide range of industries. Here’s how you can use your signs:

1. Marketing – The most obvious benefit of any sign is branding. Use double-sided signs to promote your business and advertise to even more people.

2. Advertising – A lot of businesses use custom post and panel signs with changeable lettering to highlight promotions. A great example is real estate agents who use them to showcase property listings and recent sales.

3. Wayfinding – These are ideal as outdoor wayfinding signs. If your property receives a lot of visitors, use signs to guide them around the premises safely and efficiently. These signs are particularly popular for controlling the flow of traffic on private property.

4. Accessibility – The Centers for Disease Control says 61 million adults in the U.S. live with a disability. A lot of business owners use ADA-compliant signage to make their premises more accessible. These don’t just add convenience; they make your space easier to navigate too.

Tips for Designing Signs for Your Business

Looking to design post and panel signs for your business? Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your sign:

1. Ensure the panel is large enough for your audience (for instance, larger signs are needed if you are appealing to drivers).

2. Don’t overcrowd the sign with text. Keep messaging short and to the point.

3. Include elements such as your logo, business name, and tagline. That said, don’t clutter the sign with graphics.

Full-Service Sign Company in Utica

Discover the difference working with a professional sign company makes. At Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, we work with you to design signs that suit your business and budget.

We work closely with you to design attractive signs that help generate leads. Our goal – to bring your dream signs to life.

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