Are your commercial vehicles getting lost in the sea of traffic in Utica? If you donít have commercial fleet wraps for your vehicles, you’re missing out on one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.

Find out how fleet wraps in Oriskany can take electrify your advertising and marketing efforts.

1. Fleet Wraps Have Incredible Reach

Get eye-catching custom fleet wraps for your company and you’ll transform your vans, trucks, and cars into mobile billboards. Fleet graphics are a great way to reach existing and new audiences across the city.†

3M reports that commercial fleet wraps can be seen by up to 16 million people every year (in a busy city).†

2. Impactful Local Advertising

On average, 85% of a businessís customer base is located within 5 miles.† Custom fleet wraps are a great way to build brand recall.

As your fleet of vehicles drives past homes and businesses, your name and brand are reinforced. Over time, that’ll translate into top-of-mind recall and ultimately more revenue.

3. Advertise in the Hottest Spots

Placing an ad in any of Utica’s commercial areas can easily cost thousands of dollars every month. That’s a lot of money, especially since you’ll end up advertising to the same set of people who frequent the area. 

With custom fleet wraps, you can advertise in the hottest spots without fees. The best part is you can go anywhere the crowds go, making sure your brand is front and center.

4. No Monthly Fees

Advertising campaigns can be expensive to run. Radio and TV spots can cost thousands of dollars. That can mean the advertising budget dries up quickly.

Thatís not the case with fleet wraps & graphics. There are no ‘subscription’ fees once you pay for the wraps. Wraps offer 40 times the value of newspaper ads and seven times the value of billboards.

5. Inexpensive Wraps

Fleet wraps & graphics are some of the most inexpensive signs around. In fact, getting a full-body wrap (hood, roof, doors, side panels) with all customization often costs less than a basic paint job. †

There’s no maintenance required either. “Install it, forget it”, we tell our customers. Just make sure your commercial fleet wraps and graphics are installed by professionals. Air bubbles and tears will reduce the lifespan of fleet wraps for your business.

6. Increase Resale Value

We love seeing the surprised look on peoples’ faces when they take off fleet graphics after years and their vehicleís paint is in great condition.

Technically this isn’t an advertising benefit, but it is a monetary benefit. Fleet vehicle wraps protect the body and paintwork from road salt, gravel, and the usual wear and tear that comes from driving.†

The pristine paint and immaculate body can add a lot of value at the time of sale.

Supercharge Your Advertising Efforts with Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is transforming the signage experience in Utica. Enjoy a turnkey experience with a team that takes care of every aspect of commercial fleet wraps and graphics:

You’ll work with a creative team that provides creative design ideas for custom fleet wraps for your company.

Interested in getting fleet wraps for your vehicles? Book a free consultation and discuss fleet wraps for your business.

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