Exterior signs can be found outside all types of public establishments – from stores to schools, restaurants, and real estate to hospitals. Most businesses have at least one type of sign outside their frontage; many invest in two or more. And that is regardless of whether it is based on the main street or in an office in a commercial building.

Why is that? To answer that, we explain the top six advantages of getting custom outdoor signs.

  1. Advertising

Why are McDonald’s, State Farm, Chevrolet, Amazon, and Facebook among the top 10 spenders on Out Of Home advertising in the U.S.? Because exterior signs are the best way of reaching out to customers. Static and dynamic signs are used for everything, from event marketing to product launches and new services. Signage offers persistent messaging and real engagement opportunities.

  1. Greater exposure

Outdoor signs help businesses reach a new audience, introducing the brand to new clientele. Repeat marketing helps build top of mind recall, which can influence buying decisions. Vinyl banners are inexpensive and can be deployed in vast numbers across the city. According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, there are millions of advertising spots across the country, including billboards, bulletins, buses, and more.

  1. Outdoor signs for wayfinding

One of the most crucial purposes of signs outdoors is to attract crowds. Large, eye-catching signs loudly proclaim your presence and drive visitors to the business. Signs like posts and pylons are, for instance, used to great effect by fast-food businesses, gas stations, and other road-side businesses to target motorists.

  1. Refreshed messaging

Changeable lettering is an easy, inexpensive way to convey a new message every day. Changeable signage used to mean signs with letters that could be replaced. Today, businesses just opt for digital displays that can be modified on the fly. Changeable messaging is used at cinemas and theaters to promote the shows of the day; at restaurants, to showcase specials of the day. Even churches use changeable letters and digital signs to talk about upcoming events.

  1. Seasonal sales

During the holiday season, main street businesses will rely heavily on custom outdoor signs to drive up excitement around their offerings. Themed signs are essential for getting customers in the mood. Especially with big tech companies making announcements every other week now, Christmas themed banners are the best way to differentiate your store from the competition.

  1. Promote your new online store

Have you invested in an online store because of COVID-19? Outdoor signs can be used to drive traffic to your website, eliminating the need for customers to have to make the effort of coming to your store. Use targeted messaging to shorten the sales funnel, drive engagement, and grow your social presence.

Whether you need a single sign for your storefront or hundreds of banners for citywide promotions, Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is the team for you. We prepare all types of exterior signage, offer competitive prices, and make getting signs completely turnkey. Speak to an outdoor sign expert about your requirements today.