Vehicle graphics and wraps are ideal for promoting your business and generating leads in Oriskany. Wraps are effective whether you are opening a new business or branding an established one.

That said, designing effective wraps that convert is more than just having an attractive design. The graphic must follow some basic guidelines to generate attention and action. In this short article, we tell you how to design wraps that get your phone ringing.

 Successful Strategies for Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

The design of your custom vehicle graphics should be a top priority. Keep these proven tips in mind for creating successful vehicle wrap advertising:

Keep in mind potential customers only have a few seconds to understand your messaging. That’s why a simple call-to-action will work best.

You also want to position your vehicles so they will be seen by more people. For instance, parking them in public places, not hidden in underground garages.

A study by 3M into vehicle vinyl graphics found they can generate up to 16 million impressions for a business every year!

How to Measure the Success of Your Car Wraps

Back up an effective lead generation campaign with metrics. The best way to know if your vehicle signs and graphics are working, is by asking your customers. 

Ask verbally at checkout or send them surveys occasionally. Questions such as these offer a lot of insight:

Depending on the answers you receive, you can tweak your marketing strategy or messaging for better conversions. 

What Type of Wrap is Right for You?

Any business or service in Oriskany can use vehicle signs and graphics. We work with every business, large and small from main street store owners, to dentists, and lawyers to restaurant owners.

Our first piece of advice: find the right way of turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard. The type of wrap or graphic should meet your requirements and industry standards.

A few options are:

Full body wraps are great at making a bold impression. Single panel wraps and small decals add professional branding. Vehicle magnets are flexible and can be transferred between vehicles easily. Talk to one of our experienced team members to find out which is best for you.

Designing Vehicle Graphics and Wraps That Convert

Focus on growing your business; leave the wrap design and installation to a professional! At Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, we design high-quality custom vehicle graphics that will help your brand stand out from the competition. 

Get in touch with us today and discuss your requirements. We’re happy to work with you to bring your vehicle wrap ideas and your brand to life. 

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