At first sight, custom office door signs look like they will be something really easy to create. Actually, a lot of work and skill goes into their design. As a professional sign company, we know there is more to an office sign than meets the eye. 

Designing signs from scratch is not as simple as you think. Fortunately, we have a team that’s happy to share tips for designing professional-looking office door signs. 

Keep reading to find out how you can get professional-looking custom door signs for your business. 

1. Choose the Right Style

When you design an office door sign, you should account for price, look, and feel. First, determine a budget for your signs. Second, find out where signs will be installed. Finally, understand the surroundings and what type of sign will look smartest. 

There are many styles and materials to choose from. Signs can be made from metal, plastic, wood, vinyl, and acrylic. Office door signage is usually made as plaques, but they’re available as cut letters too.

2. Keep it Short and Simple

Office door signage should concisely convey a lot of information. One rule of thumb is that anyone should be able to read a sign in five seconds or less. In other words, people should understand where the door leads at a glance.

If you need to include a lot of information, break it down. Have a heading and sub-heading. For instance, the name of the occupant is followed by designation.

Abbreviations are another way to shorten text. You can use ‘CTO’ instead of Chief Technology Officer on an office door nameplate. Just make sure you don’t abbreviate it so much that people don’t understand it.

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3. Use Proper Spacing

This is one that gets most first-time sign buyers. 

Some letters need more space than others to fit in a line. Letters like “W,” “M,” and “N” take up a lot more space than letters like “I” or “V.” Leave enough room for them above and below.

Letter spacing should be enough so that the custom door sign is easy to read.

4. Choose a Pleasant Font 

You will want to pick a font for your door signs that is easy to read and pleasant to the eye.

Classic serif fonts are generally a good balance between design and legibility. Anything too cursive (curvy lettering) takes too much time to read. Save the creativity for the lobby sign instead.

5. Stick to Words Only for Your Office Door Signs

There really is no reason why you would need to include symbols or dashes. Sure, adding braille is a great idea—and often necessary, but punctuation marks and special characters are unneeded.

Get Custom Office Door Signs in Utica

Follow these tips for designing office door nameplates and door numbers. Remember, simplicity is king for professional signs. 

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is your one-stop sign shop for all office door signs. We can bring any design to life. Your signs will be installed by a professional design team. 

Discuss your design ideas with a signage expert today. 

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