Evening hours are some of the busiest for many business owners in New Hartford. It’s a time when people are done with work for the day, and families are out and about shopping and eating.

And the spring is back in their step too. Restrictions are lifting, and people with both doses of their vaccine can be mask-free indoors, in many cases.

All in all, things are looking up on Commercial Drive, and that’s where custom channel letter signs come in. 

Front-lit channel letter signs are some of the most eye-catching signage you can buy. Attractive, completely customized, and premium looking, these signs can complement any storefront.

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letter signs consist of letters that are prepared individually. Each letter (or symbol) may have lighting built-in, and we can mount it directly on the wall. 

The stand-out feature of these signs is their lighting. Our LED channel letter signs can be designed as:

Regardless of which lighting option you choose, you will get a sign that’s bright and attractive.

Find out why these signs are the perfect option for your entrance.

Why Channel Letters Are One of the Best Lighted Signs

Maximum visibility – Their three-dimensional design means channel letter signs project outwards from the building. That makes them more noticeable than signs that sit flush against the wall.

Custom branding – Include your logo, colors, and business name exactly as you want to. We design every sign exactly to your preferences.

Attractive lighting Letter signs are unique and truly stand out compared to signs with spotlights and traditional sign boxes. 

Premium look They are great for enhancing your front entrance and making an excellent first impression with potential shoppers.

Long-lasting LEDs – LED lights aren’t just the brightest types of lights; they are some of the longest-lasting too. That means you rarely have to replace the bulbs, which means less waste for the landfill.

Safer – Unlike neon tubes, LED signs are free of dangerous gases and mercury. Signs also run much cooler, making them much less of a fire hazard.

Slash your lighting bills – Lighting up your sign doesn’t have to eat up your budget. Our front-lit channel letter signs are so energy efficient that customers illuminate their signs day and night.

Design Custom Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

Are you looking for personalized LED channel letter signs for your business? Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is redefining the signage experience in New Hartford. 

You will work with an experienced team member who will sit with you to understand your requirements. We’ll help you come up with attractive designs that will help you grow your business.

Talk to a team member today. We work with all types of businesses and take care of all aspects of your signage – from design to production to installation.

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