If youíve ever noticed dimensional letters shining from a distance, itís likely they were LED channel letters. Thereís a reason these signs stood out to you. Their illumination using LED lights can be hard to miss at any time of the day. Thatís what makes them such an effective marketing tool for businesses, especially in a crowded marketplace.

If youíre looking into these signs for your company, here are several reasons why youíll be making a wise business investment.

Get Noticed from a Distance

When new customers are traveling to your location for the first time, nothing will help them find their way more than an illuminated sign. With channel letter signs, your business will be able to do just that. If people are exiting the highway or are nearing your street, your signs will be sure to stand out so that they can navigate to your location with ease.

Landmark Your Business with LED Channel Letters

This recognition is equally important among prospects. If youíre new to the neighborhood or if people are in the area for the first time, they may not know about your location. Your signage could be just the tactic that announces your presence and brings in new business.

Command Attention Day and Night

One of the benefits of illuminated channel letter signs is that they make your business highly visible both day and night. Even if youíre not open late to serve customers, people will notice where you are located. This could mean that they take note of your location and return to do business with you later. Your signs will act as a powerful marketing tool to promote your brand 24-7.

Choose Custom Channel Letters for Maximum Impact†††††††††

Like many other types of signs, to truly stand out, a custom approach is key. With LED signs, you can use fonts and colors that are specific to your brand. To do this, working with a professional sign shop is critical. Experienced sign-makers can capture your brand elements with superior color matching and expert design skills.

In Utica, NY, look no further than Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions for this assistance. Our team will design and install signage that complements your marketing and achieves your desired objectives. Better yet, we manage all aspects of the signage process for comprehensive support from start to finish.

To get started in Utica, NY, and receive a free quote, simply contact us today!

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