The quality of your signage has a big real impact on whether people buy from you or not. Don’t believe it? FedEx found that 68% of Americans make a purchase on the basis of an attractive sign.

That’s where acrylic signage will give your business the edge it needs. Whether your business is a professional firm, a restaurant, or a store, acrylic wall signs are an easy way to make your business stand out.†

Find out how custom acrylic signs can help you make a great impression on your visitors.

Attractive Displays

Show off your portfolio with large blank acrylic signs. Install posters, photographs, and artwork behind acrylic signs and displays to get a ‘framed’ look.

It creates a stunning effect, making your premises look like a gallery (without the very expensive artwork).

Professional Look

There’s something about acrylic signage that says ‘premium’. It’s why so many professional firms (lawyers, accountants, financial services) install acrylic door signs and corridor signs.

They’re a popular type of signage in offices, giving the business a slick, professional look.†

Eye-Catching Text

If you write texton an acrylic sign, you’ll attract everyone’s attention. 

A lot of people use acrylic signs to display interesting quotes. A translucent background with light-colored lettering is particularly popular.†Also, a popular option is acrylic door signs for being both decorative and functional.

A lot of businesses, like restaurants and salons, even use blank acrylic shapes and signs to highlight their menus.†

Customized Designs

If you’re looking for a premium sign that lets you show off your designs but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – acrylic wall signs are the way to go. We can customize every element of an acrylic sign – including its shape, design, and color.

Get an eye-catching and glossy look with second surface printing or choose a muted appearance with standard surface printing.

Great First Impression

Commercial offices, stores, healthcare providers – you name it, they all use acrylic signs in their lobby. They’re a great way to display your logo or showcase your businessís branding. 

Best of all, acrylic signs and displays are durable and can take the wear and tear of being cleaned every day.

Tips and Tricks for Designing Custom Acrylic Signsfor Your Business

Take full advantage of the incredible customization options that are available for acrylic. Think of blank acrylic shapes and signs as a canvas that you can personalize completely.

At Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, we explain all the options that you can choose from:

Looking for design inspiration? Why not talk to a creative team that’ll help you design signs that match your branding. We can even design acrylic wedding signs.

Get Premium Acrylic Signs in Utica

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is the go-to sign shop for custom acrylic signs in Utica. Our customers rely on us to deliver quality acrylic wedding signs, office signs, and more.

For acrylic signs in Utica, talk to us about your needs and get an estimate for your signs today.

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