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It is a must for every business to invest in outdoor business signs that are attractive, highly-visible, captivating, thought-provoking, impactful, durable, and weather-resistant. If you are looking for a reliable Utica-based company that specializes in high-quality exterior signs, then you have come to the right place.

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is your preferred sign company in Utica. We take pride in having a team of experts that diligently work to strategically design, produce, and install commercial outdoor signs that are superior to others. As your trusted Utica sign company, we guarantee to supply effective signage that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. State-of-the-art machinery and premium grade materials help maintain the quality of each signage project we handle.

Whether you need one small outdoor sign or a complete range of exterior business signs, our team is fully equipped to accommodate all your needs and demands. 

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Impactful and Attractive Exterior Signage

Gaining a competitive advantage and standing out from a sea of advertisements and brands is one of the many challenges faced by businesses. Investing in outdoor signs that draw people in and leave a lasting impression is a fantastic strategy to boost your brand’s visibility, bring in more customers, and promote your products and services.

Different exterior signs have distinct advantages and purposes. Choosing the right combination of outdoor signs plays a significant role in the outcome of your marketing strategy. 

Channel Letter Storefront Signage

Channel letter signs are among the most popular outdoor signs because of their versatility, professional look, and design flexibility. These signs can be used throughout your establishment, but they work fantastic as storefront signage. What makes them different from other signs is that each letter, number, or graphic element is applied individually to spell the business name. Thanks to their 3D design, the characters protrude from the mounting space, creating signage that easily draws people in.

Businesses that typically use this kind of outdoor signage include:

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions helps you choose the perfect size, colors, styles, fonts, channel images, and other graphic elements for your establishment, branding strategy, and marketing goals. 

Lighted and LED Signs

If your business is open in the evening or if you want round-the-clock advertising for your brand, you might want to consider lighted and LED signs. Traditional neon signs offer a retro look while informing customers that the store, shop, or facility is still open. LED signage can have a similar effect for a fraction of the cost.

This difference in cost is why many businesses switch to LED signs. They can also create a brighter and more vivid light if your display requires it. These have little to no maintenance, generally costs a lot less, and is more eco-friendly. 

Canopy and Awning Signs

Awning and canopy signs are made from materials such as polyester, vinyl, canvas, and acrylic, which is applied on a frame and attached at a building’s storefront.

Canopies and awnings create a beautiful and elegant entrance for restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and the like. Since these multi-purpose signs are highly visible and different from your typical outdoor signage, you can easily stand out from competitors and showcase your brand, logo, and slogan.

Canopies and awnings also protect your customers waiting outside the establishment from harsh weather conditions. These even offer some protection to your furniture and paintings to prevent them from fading or getting destroyed.

Monument Signs

If you are searching for signage that can bring long-term benefits, monument signs are the way to go. They’re made from hardwearing and weather-resistant materials such as concrete, brick, and stone. Monument signage is large and installed at eye-level to attract passersby and motorists.

Because of their structure and methods of construction, monument signs are highly visible and impactful. You can display your brand name, trademark, slogan, contact information, and other essential details that customers should know about your company. Hospitals, government offices, and universities are some business establishments that commonly utilize these.  

Pole Signs

Are you looking for a fool-proof way to grab your target market’s attention? Pole signs are manufactured to tower over other buildings and signs, making them highly visible and attractive even from a distance.

Thanks to their size and impact, pole signs are commonly used for multi-tenant establishments as well. Thus, giving each brand or company their much-needed exposure to the public. Pole signs generate tons of impressions each day and drive more traffic to your doors, making them an excellent investment that brings short-term and long-term benefits.

All the Business Signs You Need

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions provides a complete range of signage services: expert consultation, graphic design, production, installation, repair, and services.

Some of the outdoor signs we specialize in are: 

As your local sign maker and visual marketing partner, Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions has a wide selection of signage materials and other design specifications for you to choose from.

Our outdoor signage consultants will study and evaluate your business, branding requirements, target audience, and available space to develop an effective signage strategy. These extra steps enable us to produce signs that are custom-made for your unique needs and budget. This way, you can be confident that your outdoor business signs are worth every penny.

We also pride ourselves on having top-notch customer service from start to finish. Meaning, we will work closely with you to ensure that every task has your approval and that all your queries or concerns are accommodated and addressed.

Free Expert Outdoor Signage Consultation

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions can be your go-to signage company and visual marketing partner for all your outdoor sign needs. Are you ready to skyrocket your business’s performance? Call 315.624.0100 today to claim your free consultation with one of our seasoned outdoor signage specialists. 

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