Outdoor Lighted Sign Boxes in Utica

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Get incredible value for your budget with sign boxes. These signs are an excellent option for businesses looking for affordable signage. 

Enjoy hassle-free ownership with lighted box signs that are very durable and long-lasting; our signs last years without requiring any maintenance. 

Minimize the cost of lighting up your sign with advanced LED lighting. LEDs are up to 10 times more energy efficient compared to ordinary bulbs. They also last up to 25 times longer. 

Order signs quickly with Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions. Unlike other sign companies in the city, we don’t cut corners for cost. Our customers trust us to deliver premium signs, whatever the budget.

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Get Cabinet Signs & Box Signs for Your Business

What is a sign box? In a word – popular! Box and cabinet signs are some of the most popular signs in Utica. Businesses use them because they are affordable, durable, and easy to install.

These signs consist of a rectangular box that is open on one side. This opening is covered with glass, see-through acrylic, or plastic. A printed vinyl sheet with your design is then installed on this transparent panel. 

We install a lighting system inside the box. When it is turned on, the light shines through the vinyl sheet, illuminating the sign. 

Outdoor sign boxes are extremely popular for their relatively simple construction. Since the sign is enclosed from harsh weather, it is well-protected from water and wind damage.

Why Businesses Choose Us for Their Signs

At Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, we make getting signs for your business completely turnkey. You will work with an experienced team that will help you with everything:

Businesses across Oriskany rely on us because of our:

Discover the difference working with a professional team makes. We deliver signs on time and within budget. 

Sign Types


Lightbox signs are a common choice among business owners for their high visibility. They feature a rectangular box with an opening on one side. This area is covered with a transparent panel and vinyl sheet that features your custom design, message, or logo. A lighting system inside the box then shines through the vinyl to display your brand or message for all to see. 

A lightbox sign is a popular type of illuminated sign among businesses. This is because it allows brands to display their information at all hours of the day and night. On top of being highly visible, the signs are also common thanks to their fairly simple construction and durability from water and wind outdoors.

If you’re looking to get the most exposure for your brand, a lightbox sign is sure to deliver. This outdoor sign will shine bright, allowing you to promote your company at all hours. Even if your business isn’t open late, your sign will remind prospects that you are available to do business with them soon. 

We invite you to reach out to us at Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions to chat about your signage needs. This will allow our team of signage specialists to learn more about your company and the specific type of sign that will align with your goals and your budget. Contact us now

The first step to making a sign box begins by reaching out to the well-trained team at Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions. We kick start the signage process by getting to know your business and how a sign box can help. From there, we will manage all aspects of sign-making and installation so that you can continue to focus on your business. 

Inside of a sign box is a lighting system that will shine through a vinyl sheet. This sheet features your unique branding, such as your company logo or messaging. You can rely on our team at Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions to design and install these signage components for you so that your business gets maximum visibility. 

With the help of Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, you can craft a sign that fits your specific size requirements. It’s all part of our custom sign-making process, where we believe in a personalized approach that helps set your business apart. Contact us to get started and receive a free quote.