COVID-19 has been a real eye-opener for small main street businesses. As more and more have started to make delivery runs and house calls, they have started to discover the huge potential of car wraps and truck wraps. Why is that?

With fewer customers venturing into stores these days, business owners have to find innovative, cost-effective ways of reaching out to them. And what better way to do that than use vehicle wraps. Keep reading to discover the top eight benefits of installing wraps on your commercial vehicles.

  1. Completely personalized

No two wraps are the same (unless you want them to be). Every wrap is custom-designed with your branding, your messaging, and your design. From the colors to the shape of the wrap, every little aspect can be customized.

  1. Branding with vehicle wraps

Branding is a fine art that requires brand elements to be presented subtly and persistently. With car wraps, you achieve just that. Every time the vehicle is driven in the city, it projects the brand to other road users and builds brand awareness. If the wrap is designed correctly, you can achieve the holy grail of marketing – top of mind recall!

  1. Cost-effective marketing

Advertising in any of the coveted spots in the city can cost thousands of dollars in billboard rental per day! Wraps, on the other hand, are completely rent-free and let you market anywhere in the city. No wonder 3M found truck wraps are the most cost-effective forms of out-of-home advertising.

  1. Local marketing

According to marketing experts, up to 85 percent of a business’s customer base is located within five miles of the business. Being able to target this audience is, therefore, imperative for driving growth. Wraps offer a great way to market to the community.

  1. Targeted messaging

One drawback of billboards is that because they have to advertise to such a wide audience, promotions become very generic. Instead, with wraps, you can offer simple, meaningful calls-to-action that appeal to a tightly targeted audience.

  1. Easy to change

Wraps are easy to install and easy to remove, allowing business owners to change messaging frequently. Modular wraps also reduce waste as the branded elements of the wrap can be preserved while just the promotional messaging can be changed.

  1. Inexpensive

It is convenient, then, that wraps are relatively inexpensive. Simple vinyl wraps are some of the most affordable signs you can buy, though more exquisite matte finishes can cost more. What’s more, a high-quality wrap only costs as much as an inexpensive paint job.

  1. Protect paintwork

Wraps protect the vehicle’s original paintwork from the damage that comes from driving on the road. Durable vinyl wraps resist small scratches and dents that can be caused due to debris, road salt, and stones. When it comes time to take off the wrap, owners are amazed at the pristine body underneath.

At Mohawk Signs & Solutions, we love working on vehicle wraps. An experienced team works with you to design, prepare, and install wraps. Speak to a designer today.