What should you look for in a sign company? Should you just search Google for a “sign company near me” and go with the first one that pops up and hope for the best? We would advise against that. No two sign companies are the same.

So what should you look for in a company if you are looking for standard or custom signs? Keep reading to find out what makes a great signage partner.

What You Should Look for in a Custom Sign Company

For signs that get your phone ringing, get customers excited, and make your business the talk of the town, you need a sign company that will partner with you to meet your goals. It’s why so many businesses turn to Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions for their indoor and outdoor signs.

  1. Well-trained and full-service

You need a sign maker who can handle whatever your signage needs are. A hallmark of custom sign making is being able to do it all.  A full-service signage company will work with well-trained designers and craftspeople to ensure every sign meets the same high standards.

  1. Cost-effective signs

Believe it: ‘cheap signs’ are not cost-effective signs. Cheap signage will break, it will fray, it will crumble under wear and tear. Signs made of high-quality materials will last longer than your competition’s and resist fade. We work with clients with a variety of marketing budgets, helping identify features that will add value rather than just raise the price.

  1. Professional design

Signs are no longer just ‘thrown together’; they must be carefully designed and approved by the customer. A professional team will create digital mock-ups of signs and wraps. These can be verified against the real backdrop of the location at which they will be installed.

  1. Lighting and materials

We offer a full selection of materials and lighting options to our customers. Whether you want wood, metal, acrylic, coroplast, or vinyl for your sign, we can make it happen. A complete fabrication unit can create large and challenging designs. We also offer all types of lighting options – including LED and neon – to help your sign shine brighter.

  1. Digital signs

Digital signage adds a whole new dimension to custom signs, making rapid messaging possible. From large-format displays to small digital displays, our team can build, install, and run a complete signage setup. Digital signs open up a whole new vista of messaging for businesses but require professional support to maintain.

Contemporary Custom Signs

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions works with brick-and-mortar stores, commercial parks, shopping malls, healthcare institutions, marketing agencies, and transit companies for all types of signage. We aren’t just another “sign company near me”; we want to be great business partners. It’s why we are committed to offering modern signage for the 21st century.

Speak to a representative today about your signage needs today.