With COVID-19 fears forcing clients and customers to stay home, businesses in Utica and Rome are turning to truck graphics as marketing solutions. For many small business owners, this is the first time they are designing truck wraps. And it can be a daunting experience.

With their large, flat sides, trucks are an excellent advertising opportunity – but also offer a surprisingly large canvas. While some choose to install simple lettering to get around this hurdle, vibrant truck vinyl wraps can be an extremely effective marketing tool.

Create Truck Vinyl Wraps that Convert

Keep reading to discover top tips that will help you design truck wraps that raise brand awareness, get your phone ringing, and help drive greater sales.

  1. Recognizable branding

Get the basics right with simple but clearly identifiable branding. Incorporate elements of the branding of your brick-and-mortar store or business on your vehicles. This can include color schemes, fonts, the logo, promotion of your services and more. Branding will form the backbone of your identity in the minds of customers. It also makes customers more comfortable when you make deliveries and house calls, as they are able to recognize your vehicles easily.

Given that vehicle wraps started out in life as ways to deck out cars in ‘cool’ designs, it is no surprise business owners feel the need to incorporate wild and intricate designs on their trucks. Fight the impulse to ‘overdesign’ your truck graphics and choose something that is interesting but uncluttered. A simpler design will be easier to comprehend when the vehicle is in motion.

Come up with simple, meaningful calls-to-action. Vinyl wraps are great at impactful local marketing; therefore, promotional messaging should resonate with local buyers. People should be compelled to ‘shop online,’ call a phone number or check out the business on social media. Any more complicated, and the messaging will only gain impressions, not generate leads.

Hundreds of businesses in Utica and Rome have pivoted online in the wake of COVID-19 lockdowns and uncertainty. Point prospective customers to your new online store and make it easier for them to shop from you. Another way of enticing customers is by incorporating exclusive online discounts and offers.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp have transformed the nature of business. Businesses can interact with customers far more intimately, reach out to a much larger audience, and compete with much larger brands on an even footing. Incorporate your social media handles on your wraps prominently, hashtags, and more.

Design creative wraps, and don’t be surprised to see a gaggle of people taking selfies in front of your trucks.

Unique truck vinyl wraps

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is a full-service signage and wrapping company in the Utica and Rome area. We work with all types of businesses in the city for their wraps. Our team will help you design eye-catching vinyl wraps that will make you the talk of the town! Speak to a representative today.

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