Vehicle wrapping is one of the most effective forms of offline advertising. It helps local businesses gain awareness and build a local presence. What’s more, wraps can generate thousands of impressions every day.

As a business owner, you want the most attractive van wrap designs possible in Utica. But creating an eye-catching graphic is easier said than done. It takes attention to detail. It helps if you know what actually generates leads. After all, your goal is to turn heads and persuade people to give you a call.

With our experience designing van wraps and graphics, we know a thing or two about creative designs. In this article, our team shares some of their best tips on how to design attractive van wraps.

Keep these in mind, and you can create wraps that excite and get your phone ringing.

1. Know Your Brand

Make sure you know the ins and outs of your brand. Many people think it’s just the logo, but it can include:

Collect all the details before you start designing your custom van wraps. It can be very difficult to change a wrap once it’s designed. Get feedback from your employees too. They may have useful input about what you can include (or remove).

2. Take Exact Measurements

This is not completely necessary when you come to us but may be required at other wrapping shops. Take precise measurements of your van. Having the exact size of the ‘canvas’ will help design custom vinyl van wraps of the right size. This will also affect the resolution of the graphic file that has to be prepared.

3. Check out Your Competition

You should definitely check what your competition is doing. Research van wraps and graphics of other companies from your industry. Don’t limit yourself to just the immediate area. Businesses in other cities may have something really creative. 

Get inspiration from cool, creative elements from other businesses’ wraps.

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4. Use Bright Colors

A custom van wrap must stand out in a sea of white, black, and gray cars. Above all, it should catch the attention of people passing by or those who are stuck in traffic. Use bold colors and contrasting color schemes for this. 

An easy trick is to use complementary colors. Combinations like red-green, yellow-purple, and blue-orange are most likely to get noticed. Regardless of your choice, make sure that the color matches your branding.

5. Less is More

Many beginner designers overcrowd the design with lots of visuals and text. Remember, custom vinyl van wraps must be legible even in motion. A minimalist style is the best way to achieve this, especially if you are getting your first wrap.

You should include:

This way, people will get all the information they need at a quick glance.

Eye-Catching Van Wraps in Utica

Follow these five tips for attractive van wrap designs and impress your audience. Get in touch with Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions. Our team works with customers to design wraps for all types of industries. 

Contact us to discuss having your van wrapped with our van wraps professionals.

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