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Do you want to increase your brand’s visibility and expand your reach without burning a hole in your pocket?

Fleet wrap advertising promotes your brand, products, and services by covering a vehicle with a vinyl material. Investing in vinyl vehicle wraps is a fantastic way to expose your brand to the public and generate thousands of impressions each day just by parking the vehicle in a public place and performing daily tasks such as going to the workplace and delivering supplies. These are generally more cost-effective than other traditional advertising modes that charge you for specific airtimes or whenever you get views from the public.

However, their efficacy will depend on how well they were designed, manufactured, and installed. Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is a sign company in Utica that only uses the newest technology and the highest quality materials. We specialize in producing high-quality and durable indoor and outdoor business signs, such as vehicle wraps.

We are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals fully equipped to produce the best vehicle wraps for your company. Our commitment to each project and our customers is one of the reasons why many businesses in Utica choose us as their signage partner.

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The Power of Branded Fleet Vehicles

It’s common for businesses to issue corporate-owned vehicles for employees to use. By converting your company vans, trucks, cars, and boats, you maximize their usage and purpose. Investing in vehicle wraps and graphics is also a smart way to promote businesses owned by independent contractors or brands that don’t have a physical store. However, your wraps’ design and layout must complement your vehicle type’s features and be cohesive with your branding strategy.

Our Utica team will ensure that your branding requirements are properly integrated into your vinyl vehicle wraps while infusing essential details that will make your signage more attractive and effective in delivering your desired message. With the help of our professional installers, your wraps will be seamless, professional, and free from bubbles or scratches. 

Coverage Options for Every Budget

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions offers a complete range of fleet wrap options that suit every vehicle type, marketing strategy, and budget. We can wrap a single vehicle or all your company-owned vehicles to boost your brand’s visibility and to communicate to your target audience in a memorable way. 

Full Vehicle Wraps

If you want to create the most impact with your mobile billboards, full fleet wraps are the way to go. These cover the entire exterior of your vehicles, including the hood, door panels, bumpers, handles, and mirrors.

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions ensures that your message is legible and that the design and graphics are vivid and eye-catching. This way, potential customers will remember your company in the future when the need for a specific product or service arises.

Full fleet wraps also provide an extra layer of protection for your vehicle’s original paint job. If you decide on selling the vehicle, you won’t have to spend extra on repaint services.

Best Vehicle Wraps, Utica, NY

Partial Ad Wraps

If you prefer to highlight specific areas of your vehicle, partial ad wraps are your best bet. These can be applied to your car’s tailgate, hood, back portion, or door panels. Although partial fleet wraps don’t have the same impressive, showstopping impact as full wraps, these are still effective in promoting your company and boosting your customers’ perceived trust. 

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

Do you have a limited budget but still want the benefits of having personalized company vehicles? Vinyl vehicle graphics are fantastic for making your vehicles look professional and official without burning a hole in your pocket. With these, you have more freedom on where to place the decals. These aren’t as tedious to install and replace as well. 

Vehicle Magnets

Do you work for several companies, live in a neighborhood with strict advertisement restrictions, or use your vehicle outside work? Vehicle magnets are perfect for adding a bit of customization without the commitment of using them as mobile billboards 24/7. Since these are removable and reusable, you can easily apply them to whatever vehicle you will be using for the day. 

Cohesive Wraps for All Vehicle Types

To create a uniform look for your brand that’s easily distinguishable from competitors or a certain distance, all your wraps must be cohesive with your branding strategy. With these, your clients and customers will be more willing to entertain your employees. Once they see your customized vehicles, they will immediately perceive that your personnel is legitimate, trustworthy, and dependable.

Whether you want a generic layout for all your vehicles or want different designs but have the same theme, Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions is ready and equipped to meet all your needs. 

Full-service Wrap Supplier

Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions can be your go-to fleet wrap supplier in Utica. With our expertise and years of collective experience under our belt, we guarantee exceptional vehicle wrap consultation, design, production, and installation. Do you want to avoid spending on wrap replacements? Our Utica team can also perform repair and maintenance services to lengthen the lifespan of your wraps and decals.

One of the many reasons our vinyl vehicle wraps are durable and pristine is because we only use premium grade materials and modern machinery during fabrication. We also owe it to our amazing installers who go above and beyond to ensure that the final product is as seamless as possible. 

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Experience the benefits of having vehicle wraps promote your company by choosing us as your signage partner in Utica. We are excited to work with you! Are you ready to take your marketing efforts onto a whole new level? Call 315.624.0100 today to claim your free consultation with one of our fleet wrap experts. 

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