Custom building signs - large or small – are some of the most impactful forms of marketing. According to Entrepreneur, the right signs can grow brand awareness by 47.7% and increase sales by 30%.

However, encouraging favorable purchase decisions means presenting customers with the right type of sign. It’s why we’ve prepared a 10-point checklist that will help you order the right building signs and graphics.

  1. Size

Take exact measurements of the space where the sign will be installed. That will determine how big your building signs in Utica will be. Ideally, your sign company should send someone to do this and advise you of the right size. 

  1. Font

Fight the urge to go with the most stylized fonts. Swoopy fonts look good on paper but are impossible to read at a glance. Most businesses choose fonts that match their trademark or branding.

  1. Style

There are a lot of sign styles to choose from for custom building signs, including: 

Find a style that suits your business and surroundings. 

  1. Digital Sign

Building signs have traditionally been signboards or dimensional signs. That said, if you are upgrading an old sign or installing a new one, take this chance to add a digital panel. It opens almost unlimited messaging opportunities and lets you offer something fresh.

  1. Mounting option

Most people don’t think about how building signs for their business can be mounted. But mounting can have a big impact on the appeal of the sign. Installed flush against the wall is most common, but floating and overhanging mounting options can add a unique touch.

Don’t forget to check if existing hardpoints support your mounting option.

  1. Colors

Most buyers tend to use the same colors as their logo or branding – and that’s fine. Just make sure the colors work with your surroundings. Colors shouldn’t “merge” your sign with the surroundings or look jarring against the background. 

Did you know LED lighting also comes in millions of colors –another way to customize building signs for your business.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is, arguably, the most important aspect of exterior business signs. Get advanced LED lighting for your new sign. LEDs are far superior to traditional light bulbs because of their:

Make sure the location where the sign will be installed has electrical wiring. If not, you may need an electrician to come in (at Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, we take care of that too).

  1. City Permits

Though not every business needs a permit from the city to install a sign, many do. Regardless, it’s best to check if you need a permit for custom outdoor building signs

You’ll find Utica’s signage laws here. Note that if your building is in the Scenic and Historic District, you will need Commission approval.

  1. Health and Safety

Prepare a list of factors that could affect the health and safety of: 

This will help you plan maintenance and prepare a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. Consider the impact of weather hazards, vandalism, and fire safety on exterior business signs.

  1. 3D Template

Don’t finalize a sign blindly. A professional sign company will use 3D software to show how your sign will look on your building. That lets you fine-tune the design before it’s sent off for fabrication.

Order Custom Outdoor Building Signs in Utica

Discover a turnkey experience when you order building signs and graphics. At Mohawk Valley Signs & Solutions, you’ll work with an experienced team that helps you with every aspect of your signage.

Design the perfect building signs in Utica for your business. Book a free consultation today.

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